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Pressure Testing Gauges Pumps Indicators Loop Calibrators

Tried and trusted by instrumentation engineers for a generation, Druck’s Essential line of pressure calibration and testing equipment is designed to be cost-effective, rugged, and hard-wearing, without compromising accuracy and functionality.

From pressure transducer and pressure sensor setup to leak testing and electrical loop calibration, Druck has the tools you need to complete the task. Our pressure and temperature indicators, gauges, hand pumps, and electrical loop calibrators are easy to use and perform reliably over their lifespan.

Essential Pressure Testing & Calibration Products

DPI 705E Pressure

Tough and rugged handheld pressure manometer and optional temperature indicators.

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DPI104 Digital Pressure Gauge

Compact and robust digital pressure gauges.

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UPS-III Loop Calibrator

Rugged and extremely compact loop calibrator.

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Pressure Calibration Pumps

Combined pneumatic & hydraulic pump for ultra-low to high-pressure testing..

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Pressure Indicators (DPI 705E Manometers)
Product Overview Features Pressure Ranges Accessories
Digital Pressure Gauges (DPI 104 Series)
Product Overview Features Pressure Ranges
Loop Calibrators (UPS-III)
Product Overview Specs & Features
Pressure Calibration Pumps
PV210 Low-Pressure Pneumatic Vacuum Pump PV211 Pneumatic Pressure Calibration Pump PV212 Hydraulic Pressure Calibration Pump PV411A Pneumatic & Hydraulic Calibration Pump

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